Commander Olivia "Livi" Russel is the third member of Lucifer Squad and older brother of Commander John Russel.

Early Life

Livi Russel was the first born to Charles and Mary Russel on Earth. As the first child of the House Lord, she quickly became the center of the household. As she was to be groomed for her inevitable inheritance of House Russel. Although she would have preferred her brother to take her place, she did whatever would make her father happy. However when she and her brother were taken by the NIA she began to change her view of her father as she felt he had betrayed her younger brother.

Military Service

After beginning her training, Livi began showing prowess for hands on repair and maintenance of anything she could work on. She was eventually given her role as squad support. A role which she fell into perfectly.

Like her fellow pilots she excels in almost all areas of combat. However her prowess in engineering and communication skills made her stand out from her fellow pilots.


Regarded as one of the most human of all the pilots. Her outgoing personality and cheerful disposition is a welcome change from her fellow pilots often cold personalities.