F-01631, more commonly known as Dark Orbit Testing (DOT), remains the only location that an LHC Particle Cannon has been fired.


Dark Orbit Testing is located a stable distance from a slow moving, reasonably sized stable black hole on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Its location is unknown to all but a select few. With even the personnel of the facility having no clue where they are. This is due to the overriding risks posed by the weapon they are developing.


Dark Orbit Testing's sole purpose is the development of the Experimental Large Hadron Collider Particle Cannon. Due to the weapons extreme risks, it has not be fired to determine its destructive ability, but rather to test if it could be fired without destroying itself.

The Black Hole is not a deterrent for any possible spies but rather the safest thing the weapon can be fired at. Due to the weapon's proposed ability to destroy anything from a planet to a sun, or even create a black hole at point of impact, the safest thing to fire at is a black hole.

In case of any problems ranging from attackers to a misfire, the entire station can be broken from its orbit and allowed to fall into the Black Hole it used to orbit.