"Honour" is the name given to the Mech Suit and Synthetic Soul used by CMC Commander James Russel.

Honour stands at 34 feet high and is outfitted for heavy fire support. Boasting a broad range of state of the art weaponary, reinforced armour plating and improved mechanical joints to carry such weight. Honour is rigged to carry a payload far exceeding the other Mech Suits in Lucifer Squad.

Like its brother and sister Mech Suits, Honour is installed with a "Primal" Synthetic Soul which lacks any form of verbal communication ability and preforms more of an animal within the Mech Suits internals. Able to predict and carry out necessary actions by linking with the pilots mind.

Commander James Russel has formed a subtle respect based bond with Honour. having frequently called the Mech his "Loyal Friend".