The Youngest House to join the Council Of Lords and smallest in terms of Members. House Anderson is unique in that its Lord is a Living Saint.


Formed in the early 4140's, House Anderson is the youngest House so far, and the only House to be formed since the Founding at the end of the DeadLands Crisis.


Saint Hazel Anderson is the first and current Lord of the House. Below is the structure of House Anderson in descending order of the line of succession. All of those who have married into the family cannot inherit the House and must always take the surname regardless of gender.

Hazel Anderson

Easily the most recognizable living Saint due to her angelic wing mutations and golden aura that usually encompasses her body. Hazel will remain the head of her House until her death.

Jessica Anderson

The mother of Hazel and second in line to the title until Hazel has children.


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House Russel rules over the Epsilon Eridani System, their home world being the Systems Capital of Red Dawn (Pictured Left).

The System of Epsilon Eridani has served as a Military Stronghold System for nearly a thousand years. The Asteroid Belt that circles Red Dawn, Tribute and Beta Gabriel make invasion of the system treacherous and highly risky. However that same asteroid belt has supplied Tribute with the resources it needs to remain a Factory World.


Red Dawn - The Capital world and Military Stronghold of the system.

Tribute - A barren Factory World that supplies the munitions, supplies and weaponry needed to make the system a Military Stronghold.

Beta Gabriel - The Agricultural world locked in a permanent opposing orbit with Red Dawn, it supplies the food and populace to the rest of the system.

Royal Guard

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The Royal Guard of House Anderson are unique in that they consist of equal male and female combat personnel.


Support Staff

Vice Admiral Alicia Dominica, Adviser to the House

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Dominica was born and raised on Dawn to a long line of military leaders and heroes. She serves as Saint Anderson's personal adviser and liaison between House Anderson and the CMC.