NIA Section 7 is solely responsible for all Special Projects and Research and Development within the NIA and CMC.

Section 7 is possibly the largest Section with thousands of Research Stations, Labs, test ranges and research vessels. Countless technologies and weapons have been designed by Section 7. Some of these Projects include:

Known Operational Bases

Section 7 operates close to a million different R&D operations bases. These include:

  • Dark Orbit Testing - The DOT is one of the most top secret stations operated by Humanity. Its role is the research and development of the LHC weapons. It official designation is F-01631.
  • Dark Orbit Testing Alpha Station - A currently MIA station lost most likely during a test firing. Although no one but the scientists aboard know for certain as the station vanished without any trace.
  • Station Sahelanthropus - Located in orbit around Mars that is responsible for the improvement and development of all Mech Suits in use.
  • "The Magic Planet" - Officially designated as Research Station Hawking 5 Alpha, it is now traversing the Milky Way Galaxy at random due to a supposed malfunctioning Experiential Wormhole Generator which is able to move the entire planet of Hawking 5.