The Arcane is the only vessel of the Penumbra Class classification and the mobile command and control center of then NIA as well as the personal flagship of Director General Grace Lionheart.

The Arcane is easily the most advanced and expensive ship ever created, yet also the most unknown. With an estimated only four people outside of the NIA knowing of its existence.


Its conception began during the refit of the original Planet Mother class ships into Planet Killers, using the refit designs. However, unlike the Planet Killers, the Arcane was constructed completely from scratch. Allowing for its design to be almost completely alien to the vessels its based upon.

Its construction is estimated to have taken at least fifty Earth years and was likely constructed far out on the outer fringes of the Galaxy. It is likely that its construction was not completed till after Grace Lionheart took her current position. It is however likely that The Arcane is in an ever constant state of development and refit with new and experimental technologies created during the war.

It is known that The Arcane is outfitted with highly experimental engines, wormhole generators and weaponry, but is however backed up by state of the art backups in the event of its experimental technology failing. Therefore it can be assumed that it is at least as powerful in every aspect as a Planet Killer.

The Arcane is known to lack the vast hangars of the Planet Killers, as its role is not to invade or defend. But rather coordinate the rest of the NIA. It is therefore safe to assume that it is filled with advanced and experimental communication arrays, databanks, Synthetic Soul control banks and sensor arrays.

It also contains advanced and experimental cyber warefare suites apparently capable of removing itself from video recordings.

Sighting Reports

Although all reports of its sightings are locked away by the NIA and any person admitting to have seen it, mysteriously vanishing, it is a rumor circulated by skeptics and conspiracy theorists.

Reports suggest that The Arcane has the ability to enter and leave wormhole space with no visible signature or signature able to be picked up by scanners. This is highly likely, as The Truth is confirmed to posses this technology.

Several reports claim that The Arcane is able to make itself completely invisible to an un-augmented human eye. This would most likely be achieved by a vast network of retro-reflective panels and cameras. Such technology on that scale would require dozens of Type 2 Synthetic Souls to maintain and operate.

Personal Flagship

As the personal Flagship of Director General Grace Lionheart, The Arcane serves as her "Home away from Home". Like the Planet Killers, it serves as a last ditch escape in the event of the Galaxy falling to the Gods.